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God is using this broadcast to change lives. Every day, on hundreds of radio stations and signals and thousands of devices around the world, Renewing Your Mind is helping Christians know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it. All of this is made possible by Ligonier’s Ministry Partners. Their prayerful support and dependable generosity ensures that Renewing Your Mind can keep encouraging Christians to think and live biblically.

Will You Partner with Ligonier Today?

By committing to support Ligonier Ministries through regular prayer and a monthly donation of $30 or more, you can help serve the listeners of Renewing Your Mind and reach new people with trusted Bible teaching. In addition, your partnership gives you access to discipleship resources for your Christian growth.

As a Ministry Partner, You’ll Receive:

  • Digital access to all of Ligonier’s teaching series
  • The newest issue of Tabletalk magazine each month
  • Discounted rates to attend future Ligonier conferences
  • A copy of the Reformation Study Bible
  • Exclusive ministry updates and private event invitations
  • A special Message of the Month

Please pray about your decision to become a Ministry Partner, joining a group of like-minded Christians to make faithful, biblical teaching available to millions of people every month.